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Coachboat charter

Ideal as a coachboat and for regatta coaching / jury boat

The coachboats with a length of 4.8 to 6 m are sufficiently strong motorized with outboard engines of Honda or Yamaha.

The coachboats have a jockey seat and are rented out with a trailer, hoisting straps are available on request. The coachboats are equipped with anchors, mooring ropes, paddles, boat hooks ... etc. The motors are regularly serviced and reliable, they will comply with all current emission standards, so you may for example also obtain an authorization for the Lake Constance. The boats are fully insured with € 500,- percentage excess.

Coachboat incl. trailer per day € 100,- incl. VAT (using 8 days or more, less days on request / deposit: € 600,-)

NEW: Optional with Harbeck double-deck trailer with 100 km/h admission, additional charge - once per rental € 80,- incl. VAT.

Please contact us directly to arrange an appointment or a reservation.

Verleih-Trainerboot auf Harbeck-Doppelstocktrailer  Trainerbootverleih - Der Wassersportladen